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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. here at r t live from moscow and so now with the latest headlines and a week to review the rebels gain momentum in libya putting an end to their recent stalemate both local leaders blame foreign forces and their air strikes for helping the advance. and washington tries to distance itself from the libyan crisis but the country's long history of international interference leaves a war weary public fearing another conflict. painful economic concious quarter of a million marched through london and protests elsewhere as hard pressed europeans question an expensive libya campaign spending slashed at home.
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plus into pan radiation rises in the sea near fukushima despite efforts to bring the plant under control following the earthquake tragedy over ten thousand are now listed as dead with many more homeless or missing. next we discuss the rise of islamophobia in the us with award winning journalist. who says it's a reaction to fear. archie sitting down with award winning writer and journalist ian buruma named one of the top one hundred global thinkers by foreign policy magazine mr bruma is a professor of democracy human rights and journalism at bard college in new york sir thank you so much for joining us today thank you know your latest book is taming the gods of religion and democracy on three continents so i want to start our discussion by asking you about the role of islam in the modern world how
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significant is it and do you see a certain level of. in the united states nowadays and do you think it's just there is certainly a level of islamophobia just all over the western world it's difficult to talk about a lot of the role of islam because it's not one thing to millions and millions of people it's a faith but inside the world of islam there's also a violent revolutionary movement which is a minority of muslims to take part in it or we can sympathize with it but it's there and that causes problems and to the extent that people are worried about violence coming from those groups that worried that worry is justified is that is a war with no that would be a very mistaken and dangerous notion are you seeing a certain level of phobia when it comes to. well yes you do occasionally beat
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people who have bigoted opinions on it. i think it's one of the last forms of bigotry that is more or less respectable and you can't be ninety seven nights and be respectable but you can say that you can't stand muslims and you can still get invited to dinner is that an acceptable double standard no not in my view but it's it's part of the modern world from some of the things that have been coming out of the media really seems like that is a sentiment they're trying to fuel i don't think so. i wouldn't blame the mainstream media for that at all. i think what it really is is that because of globalization. because of financial insecurity. fast moving developments in the modern world in which some people feel that they're being left behind and so on there's a lot of anxiety and it's always useful in times of anxiety when people have an
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enemy to focus on immigrants in general but muslims in particular are singled out as an object to fear. but. to come back to your question i don't think that the mainstream media been. the worst culprits in this who have been the worst i think some of the in europe some of the populist politicians who have used this. in the united states. on radio cable t.v. and so on who. use this issue to stir up. or to exploit resentment now in one of your articles about china there is a place where you see nationalism is often fed by a sense of impotence and i wanted to ask you about this do you think that is a saying that could also be relevant to modern day united states yes but it. comes back to that same issue that people who feel they're not represented they don't
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have a voice that not listen to they don't have a grip on public affairs. of very vulnerable. leaders who promise. as it were if you feel you're a lonely individual who has no influence on anybody and nobody cares about it feels good to be in a crowd shouting usa usa or. in the case of america could be in china it could be anywhere in china what i meant by. chinese nationalism being a form often an expression form of impotence i didn't mean in the sense of the chinese government but where people have no political voice china's after all not a democracy. there nationalism can play the same role that religion plays in other parts of the world it becomes a kind of. substitute for political. participation the united
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states is a democracy do you think people have a political voice here certainly more than in china. but the huge role played by money for example has distorted the process somewhat i mean it is a democracy but like all democracies it has great flaws and one of the flaws i think in this country is that you have two parties and people who get elected only can get can only get elected if there are huge amounts of money involved and that leaves a lot of the population sort of out of the equation who do you think is the real power in the united states who really leads the country at this point is it corporations you know still wall street is it really washington d.c. or is it the tea party is the media it's course not one thing and the fact that it's not a dictatorship means that there is no center of power but if you take corporations for example do you think they have a bit more control than they should in making some i think they probably have more
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control than they should but that's not to say that corporations run america be too simple they certainly have a huge influence as does wall street as does the pentagon as does. congress as do. various voices in the media i mean they all have an influence some . of these groups institutions have perhaps more influence than water and that's because of the enormous role played by money i want to talk to you about china now. we talked a little bit about some of the fear mongering in the media do you think china is really a threat to the united states why is it seen as a threat by so many people and. is there a basis to that are going to consider red threat to the united states certainly not a military. it they're competing and they have a comparative advantage of having
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a huge population that can make things much more cheaply than people can the united states i don't think it's a huge threat it's perceived as such again because the rise of china as a serious power. within the economic clubs is has been recent and has been very fast people are fearful for many different reasons and it's it helps them to be able to focus it on something in the united states it's usually an external enemy well why is it so often and it could be part of a lack of knowledge what is what well i think it's something that's probably the history of the u.s. it's sort of refuge from the dangerous outside world one way to make people feel that they have something in common with each other that creates a kind of cohesiveness of society is of course this idea that here we are in the united states and we will have to defend ourselves against this dangerous world out
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there is that the united states powerful enough to just stop worrying about you know. rationally you would have thought so but these things are not always rational and if there isn't an external enemy people often invented the domestic one that's not just in america it's all over the place you mentioned japan having been seen as a threat to western economies decades ago where does it stand where you think anybody seized upon as a threat anymore very soon after people were making a tremendous fuss about japan buying up the world there was a big recession and japan is now seen as a more or less normal capitalist country with it it is a lot and now it's japanese to be fearful and they're very anxious about trying to want to ask you about bric bloc that is made up of brazil russia india and china some experts are saying that this block is going to really become. leader in. the world economic arena do you think that's the case or is china way ahead of everyone
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else china is certainly bigger than most other places and all these countries have a long way to grow. and are very dynamic for that reason because they come from a lower. basis to tend to be industrious and ambitious and sold in a way that perhaps is less true in. a continent like your which has been prosperous for an awful long time do you think they could become stronger than the united states in europe in terms of their. combined possibly but what a stronger me in today's economies when. corporations very very often it's they have will have their headquarters in one country but most of the factories in other countries and consumers all over the place and. it's become such an international economy that it's difficult it's very difficult to talk in
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terms of national strength the chinese talk and the way it's in one thousand century. rather german way of looking. thinking about an economy. the american system of course is different if you are an american corporation your aim is not to make the united states into a stronger nation state your name is to make a lot of money and make sure that the shareholders are happy how do you measure power in north korea economically is a complete backwater it's a little slow on there that nobody would pay any attention to accept for the fact that they have nuclear weapons and that makes it into a power that has to be taken into account in thank you so much. thank you it was a pleasure.
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the latest headlines and then we can review on are the rebels gain momentum in libya putting an end to their recent stalemate but local leaders blame foreign forces and their air strikes for helping the events. washington tries to distance itself from the libyan crisis but the congress long history of international interference leaves a war weary public fearing another thing called. paid full economic cost see a quarter of a million mark london and protests elsewhere as hard pressed europeans question an expense of libya campaign while spending slouched at home. and in japan radiation rises in the sea near fukushima despite efforts to bring the plant under
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control following the earthquake tragedy over ten thousand are now considers dead many more homeless or missing. i'll have more on all those stories at the top of the hour up next targets here with the latest from the world of sports. thanks ali so this is a lot of sports news banks for joining us and here is what's making the headlines this week our russian side producer goal is join the army on a busy night your old one each well will apply. to schools slovak to move closer to the. home win against mcdowell will indicate east. and early ups outside the sunny ericsson open in miami where andy roddick lawmakers and andy murray's footsteps. and let's kick off with football dickau because russia
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where held to a goal as drawled by armenia in their latest euro two thousand and twelve qualifier watching that chain here yvonne was artie's richard vaughan fulfill it. russia had not reached the halfway point in their quest to try and qualify for euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine and that task is now become a lot harder following their failure to beat armenia or take up a cab overseas a big setback for him but he was my grandmother say enough to pay tribute to way armenia played today well in the game because. we had four away games we were winning three one. is good but seeing this game we played against a very aggressive team. but still we had the opportunity to do to win. so i think the organizational world was excellent from the team that was the final finishing touch you need a little bit luck or russia would dominate possession for long periods in the game but i've a cow look to appoint a match in the second half of the first half when really russia had many chances to
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score but unfortunately they were unable to find the net and roman shock of who was the stand i player really for the russians annoyed he said here it was crucial the key point of the match is that we didn't score that we scored we would have worn. more from the team dominating controlling and creating chances as a coach. but shooting in the goal they have. won fortunately andrey arshavin was once again not at his best form the russian national side as they are small midfielder really was on the periphery of everything the russians tried to create and certainly didn't show the same sort of energy of the likes of carrick or found showed in his form so it is a worry for advocates of a moment it's been a long time since he has put in a decent performance and also russia is now going to free a half matches when actually managing to find the back of the net. i think the whole team works very hard and you have always she. brings his best form we also have seen that some players did not bring their best form but in the organization
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they did their job whatever the last visit fantastic point they didn't create much going forward but they managed to restrict russia's attacks by playing a very good defensive game a mess at least. in contention for us please be euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland ukraine i think that not many. consider. you know fighting for fighting for points but for qualification you know what i think that we have a very good team and i think that you know many people many teams should really be serious when their players go russia's next year or two thousand and twelve qualify being around for a month's time when they were again playing the armenians and they've got the car too much time has plenty to think about most notably about how to try and get his team scoring again. in the back of unaids if they want to break those euro two thousand and twelve finals. and they have been some interesting results elsewhere. phillips and that if they only go after twenty
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one minutes slovakia want to gainst minnows and dora well they will be keen struck to be there well after twenty two minutes helping the republic of ireland to the macedonia so as the table currently stands and grow very close with russia ireland and slovakia all in time lines well armenia just two behind in fourth. elsewhere england have gone top of group g. standings fabio capello's home nation rivals wales to nail to leapfrog montenegro on goal difference it was the worst starts for gary speed's young whale steve in front of a near capacity crowd at the millennium stadium james collins was guilty of bringing down national young inside the box and frank lampard stepped up to politically smack on the spot kick putting visitors in control just seven minutes into the match and they didn't wait long for their second johnson launching a long range pass young with a low cross there and aston villa two made their own band smash the ball off to
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fourteen men as well as failed to muster a single shot on target and stay rock bottom having lost all four of their games so far while england manager fabio capello was over the moon. we. will surely go. if you're going to. and elsewhere on something tonight in group georgia. with a stoppage time when israel. won and euro two thousand and four champions greece went down to ten men before netting in injury time to one male in group d. bosnia came back to defeat romania while pena had the better of previously on base in belarus miroslav klose and thomas miller each school of the brace group leaders
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germany thrashed kazakhstan. and finally in no way drew one one with denmark in group h. . moving across to. live up to take control of the final series against the team from gaining a comfortable two nothing lead following saturday's confident when after a hard fought victory in the opening game which still about to cool three this was a long way street andreyko back in ripping out with this mighty shopping the second period while some of all swedish town the area as barrack plain jewett up in the second shot out of the playoffs and they speak you'll have a player and still good game three takes place in with me at the bourse on monday. in tennis rushes. out of the miami open on saturday following a straight sets defeat to china spang shaw eleven seed beaten six three six one pang securing the victory with a back handed win a down the line to force a meeting with alexandra de guerre on next to shut up eyes meanwhile for example
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for around the beaten sabina c.p.o. germany. and amounts of around andy roddick self with a shot to create in the second round to create why the american. throughout the match and had medical treatment in the second set and his physical condition proved crucially of the meaning the eighth seed wouldn't be able to defend his title want to go and down six or seven six to the world number sixty seven recalled in this first ever victory over a top down ranked player. no such worries for roger federer of the made easy work of products to phonics six three six three one one off or up the next four. meanwhile went down to the jury room for its both a freshman at work before plunging to six three six seven six three weigh in and set up the meeting with still go for. it all into the greens now and the woman continues ahead of the monsters with martin laid leading the all the palmer
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invitational after three days and the pick of some of these action defending champion phil mickelson with a tee shot there that helped him to birdie on the fourteenth hill with a lefty carving a seventy on saturday that leaves him or so you want to see a little. else where tiger woods is further down the leaderboard down shots off the top of the former world number one with too many bookies on the back nine and a two hundred seventy four laid meanwhile had a great day almost killing his greenside sheep on the sixteenth hole and finishing on eleven on the quad for the tournament but the shot of the day was a birdie fought from the greenside bunker by steve marino which lifted him to join third place ahead of the final day nor even four strokes behind the leader along with google watson while sponsor eleven alone in second place. and over in europe can the fairy up stage angelo see openly the full lawry by
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equalling it to a record with a ten on the par sixty in the third round in mala got three behind the trees there was only one on the isle to someone holes but then he had seven more goodies and an eagle to go within inches of a fifty nine after his. stunning second shot of the eighteenth instead of the tempting for birdie to go. and tied for second with fellow englishman mark foster who had six birdies on the back nine korea round of sixty five but out in front is scotland spall lawrie who also had five under par and could use some. play for the third successive day lawrie currently lies on twelve of the bar and will be want stroke lead. in will dispose frenchman. leading the reality of portugal going into the final day the situation draw of all who had won the last of these stages holding thirty seven seconds of a team. overnight me the whole of finland finished have a full minute so drift off of breaking a drive shaft while another overlay that may call here but also had technical
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problems with a time function and broken wrist suspension and slid into fifth place. now some bow could finally become an olympic sport by the year twenty twenty russia's wrestling federation certainly thinks so anyway while i.o.c. officials linger over adding the combat log to the olympic family russian athletes continue bringing home gold at most of the sports all the tournaments world super cup which took place here in moscow at the weekend was no exception more than two hundred fifty of flights from twenty six countries took part in the annual event most body image went to the russian restless things a man's and women's advance they also dominated in the combat sambal of the sport which is not that popular worldwide but action movie actor i look back thought of who is also a football it's about fight champ and promised to help bring it to new audiences. but somebody is very similar. to me general said will have
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a jacket and i think that transition is going to those who are. not so popular just last year. start. putting together fights like this i hope. for a future for our friends and let's not have a great relationship with you. and do my best for more. funding when the rest. do my best to get russian sumber some before others involved in the sport. and europe today for this hour coming up next is the weather well and so we'll bring you the main headlines right after that .
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